Max. Occupancy
Max. Occupancy
Max. Occupancy is a gallery operated out of the stairwell of San Francisco design studio Volume Inc.

december 2018 – may 2019


Works of/from Varying Dimensions
Jon Hioki

INTERDIMENSIONAL BEING: What is this art show about?

JON HIOKI: This is a collection of new and old paintings made over the last ten years or so. I think of them as little portals to other worlds or realities. Mostly they are images that I dream up and think to myself “that sounds cool, I’d like to see that” and then I make it.  Does that answer your question?

IB: Yes, thank you. Goodbye.

*Being disappears into the infinite*

JH: Goodbye.


untitled, 2018


pink forest portals, 2011

neighborhood ghosts, 2018


orange skull, 2012


june 2019 – september 2019


Michael Bartalos

These wall pieces are part of an ongoing Projections series. Made from wood, thread, and colored acrylic panels, the sculptures suggest multiple concepts around ‘projection’ — that of physical protrusion as well as projected light and shadow. In sunlight, the shadows shift and colors mix over the course of the day, marking time. In artificial light, the shadows' shapes and colors project to mark the space.

Michael Bartalos is a San Francisco-based artist working in print, video, and sculpture. He is a grantee of the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program and has held fellowships at the Headlands Center for the Arts and SOMA Summer in Mexico City. Bartalos attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Pratt Institute (BFA), Stanford University (MFA), and teaches in the MFA Design Program at CCA.





Projections 8